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Now with new current sense, adjustment procedure




Pre-Installation Checklist
Parts Identification
Operator Installation
Chain Bracket Installation
Chain & Chain Bolt Installation
Chain Magnets Installation
Gate Limit Switch Installation
Quick Release Operation
Programming Current Sensing
835/836 Control Board
Siren Connection
Radio Receiver Options


WARNING - To reduce the risk of injury or death:

  • Installation should be performed by a professional Installer.
  • Required welding should be performed by a qualified welder.
  • Should electricity be required, use a certified electrician only.
  • Any device that requires 120 Volts AC should be U.L. approved.
  • Review with the center all safety concern including:
    • Do not operate the gate unless arm around gate is in full view.
    • Never let children operate or play with gate controls. Keep the remote control away from children.
    • Always keep People and objects away from the gate. NO ONE SHOULD CROSS THE PATH OF THE MOVING GATE.
    • Periodically test the obstruction sensitivity to assure safe and proper operation. Do not test sensitivity by standing between the gate and the hinge or stop post.
    • Do not allow children to play with the gate controls.
    • The "CAUTION AUTOMATIC GATE" signs should be clearly visible from both sides of the gate.
    • Always insure that the gate has closed securely before leaving area.
    • Arrange with local fire and law enforcement for emergency access.
  • Use the emergency release only when the gate is not moving.
  • Use safety devices such as loop detectors, edge switches, and beam detectors whenever Possible.
  • Install control devices such as keypads far enough away (5 feet or further) from any moving parts of the operator and gate to prevent possible injury.
  • Do not install control box where the gate can come in contact with person using the push button on side of control box.
  • Always disconnect the battery or power source when making adjustments or repairs to any part of the gate or operator.
  • All rollers should be covered to prevent injury.
  • KEEP GATES PROPERLY MAINTAINED. Read the owner's manual. Have a qualified service person make repairs to gate hardware.
  • The entrance is for vehicles only. Pedestrians must use separate entrance.

Test the gate operator monthly. The gate MUST reverse on contact with a rigid object or stop when an object activates the non contact sensors. After adjusting the force or limit of travel, retest the gate operator. Failure to adjust and retest the gate operator properly can increase the risk of injury or death.




The Apollo Model 7200ETL Slide Gate Operator is designed to handle a sides gate up to 30 feet in total length (accommodates a 26 foot drive) and 1,000 Lbs. A professional fence or gate dealer is recommended to assure proper installation. Apollo Gate Operators are available only through qualified dealers with an outstanding reputation in the fence and gate industry. These dealers will be able to recommend the proper equipment for particular applications. Apollo Gate Operators are 12 Volt DC (Direct Current) powered. A 12 Volt marine type battery is recommended. There are several advantages with 12 Volt DC systems:

  • Low voltage virtually eliminates risk of electrical shock.

  • Battery powered operators provide up to 200 operations in the event of power outages.

  • The battery may be recharged with a trickle charger or by solar energy (eliminating the need for easily trenching to remote entrances).

If a trickle charger is used and a standard electrical outlet is not readily available, a licensed electrician will be required for proper electrical hook up.

The following table should be used as a guide for capacity of operation of operators only, additional options may reduce the daily usage. Please, note that the charge capability of solar panels will vary with different geographical location.



The following checklist should be used before beginning installation:

Verify that the proper operator has been selected for this application.

Verify proper installation and operation of the gate.

  1. Are all rollers covered with a protective housing?

  2. Are the rollers serviceable?

  3. Does the gate roll free and level?

  4. Will the gate require a locking device?

  5. Are the main posts sturdy enough to handle the gate & operator?

Determine the general location of the operator, chain brackets, and solar panel (if used).

  1. Is there a suitable location for the operator?

  2. Can the solar panel (it used) be mounted in an unobstructed area facing south?

  3. Will additional solar panel cable be required?

  4. Is electricity available (if required)?

Consider safety and access option. Recommend if needed.

  1. Will there be children or animals in the area?

  2. Are safety loops, edge switches, or photo beam detectors required?

  3. How can the gate be opened in emergencies?

  4. How will visitors enter and exit?

  5. Will vehicles (and trailers) have sufficient room off roadway to operate any control devices such as keypads?






STEP 1. Install two 3" dia. Posts parallel to the gate as shown. Posts height depends on height preference of operator.

STEP 2. Remove chain cover and front lid. Mount to posts using the four supplied 3" U-bolts.

STEP 3. Install one of the gate brackets and chain bolts on right side of gate using the supplied 2" U-bolts. Do not tighten at this time.

STEP 4. Attach the chain to the chain bolt using the master chain link.

Adjust the chain bolt to allow for maximum tightening.

Note: The height of the chain bolt should align with the bottom teeth of the idler sprockets.


STEP 5. Thread chain on the sprockets as shown.

Chain should be level with about a 1" lag per 10 feet.

Chain should be aligned with all sprockets.

STEP 6. (Refer at Page 6)
  • Install the other gate bracket and chain bolt on the left side of the gate.
  • Determine the required length of chain needed to attach to the chain bolt and still allow adjustment.
  • Using a chain breaking tool, remove excess chain.
  • Attach chain to chain bolt.
  • Tighten all chain brackets and chain bolts. Allow 1 inch of chain lag per 10 feet of chain.


Align each magnet with the corresponding switch on the operator for the open and closed position.

Connect the battery and test for proper open & close position.

WARNING : If further adjustment is required, always disconnect battery prior to relocating the chain magnet.

Factory Hookup
If the gate automatically opens when the Timer To Close is on, rewire the bottom half of the connector as shown.
STEP 7. Install chain cover. Install solar panel or battery charger and any optional accessories. Close box. Good! Job!
Gate may be manually opened using the quick release.
Disconnect battery before use!


Programming Current Sensing

The 835/836 circuit boards incorporate a safety feature that will put the operator into a hard shutdown mode if the circuit board detects a current sense two consecutive times during a cycle. This hard shutdown condition can only be reset by shorting the FIREBOX or UL connectors on the left side of the circuit board to ground. If a firebox is used in the installation, the firebox door should be opened and closed to reset the circuit board.

The following instructions must be followed at installation for proper safety assurance. All limits should be set before beginning this procedure.

This new procedure applies to revision 31 or higher firmware.

1. Press and hold the LED ENABLE button for five seconds. The STOP LED will blink indicating that the board is in learn mode.

3. Cycle gate for 3 full cycles. The STOP LED will stop blinking indicating that the board is now ready for normal operation.

4. Test the auto reverse sensitivity to ensure maximum safety protection. The current sensitivity adjustment pot may be adjusted to decrease or increase sensitivity.

8. Refer to the 835/836 Operator Control Board Manual to set other options such as program switch options and close timer adjustments.

Installation is now complete.

Note: Program switch #9 is no longer functional.



Do not confuse the receiver code switches with the red program switches on the gate control board.
Never set all code switches to the same position. Transmitters must match code switches for proper operation.
If power is taken directly from battery or connected as shown below, receiver should be configured for 12VDC.


Apollo Gate Operators am warranted against dialects for a period of 24 months hand the date of purchase, providing recommended installation procedures are followed. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied (some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so this limitation may not apply to you) and shall be considered void if damage was due to improper installation or use, connection to improper power source, or if damage was caused by fire, flood, or lightning. The manufacturer will not be responsible for any labor charges incurred in the removal or replacement of defective parts.

In case of failure, due to defective material or workmanship during the warranty period, the defective part will be repaired or replaced at the manufacturer's option at no charge if returned freight prepaid. New or factory rebuilt replacements may be used. Replacement parts are warranted for the remaining portion of the original warranty period. The manufacturer will pay standard ground freight on the return of repaired or replaced items in warranty.



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