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The CSW-200 Series are one of the most popular of all swing gate operating systems in the country. They are designed with a "non-scissor action" arm that will greatly reduce the chance of injury. They can handle gates up to 18' in length at 75 cycle per hour and are designed for high traffic applications such as heavily accessed gated communities and commercial buildings.

The CSW-200-UL is protected by a 1/4" thick, unbreakable polyethylene plastic cover for long life and lasting protection. this operator has proven to be one of the most reliable swing gate operators on the market for over a decade.

The CSW-200-ST offers the same CSW-200-UL machine with a stainless steel cover option. This operator is equipped with a robust, 16 gauge, powder coated stainless steel cover, finished with an embossed architectural design.


Modular Board - Uses LEDs to indicate input and output functions of the gate operator

ERD - If the gate hits a vehicle while closing, it re-opens. If it hits a vehicle while opening, it stops, reverses 4 to 6 inches and stops again.

Digital Motor Protection - Entrapment sensor shuts off the motor after it  reaches the stall amp for 3 seconds, reverses direction for several inches, and stops.

Electronic Inputs - Radio receiver, key switch, safety loop, center loop, telephone switch and 3-push-button station.

Timer - Adjustable timer can be set from 0 to 60 seconds.

Power Input On/Off Switch - Controls power input to the board with convenient switch,

Power Management - Board includes electronic power management with over current shutdown and automatic recovery.

Magnetic Lock - With Omni Option board, magnetic lock system is incorporated, allowing you to easily add the "MG1300" electromagnetic locking system to the gate.

Burglar Alarm - With Omni Option board, interfaces with existing home alarm or alarm output.

3 Push Button Control - On board gate operator control for close, stop, and open.

Intelligent Master/Slave - Precise, synchronized movement and communication between two gate operators using 3 wire RS-485 bi-directional technology.

Spike Suppressors - Fast response time (50 nanoseconds) when subject to an impulse surge (lightning strike) up to 100 amps.

Alternate Outputs - With Omni Option Board 3 push button command control, burglar alarm input and output.

Gate Traveling Time - Adjusted by a precision mechanical device and electrical limit switch system.

Soft Stop - Gate travels through the cycle at normal speed and comes to a stop slowly for more accurate gate cycle. Equipped with integrated time delay for long mechanical life expectancy.

Integrated Loop Detectors - Easy to install, modular, plug in loop detector inputs for exit loop, center loop, and safety loop.

120 VAC Power - Built-in 120 VAC power receptacle (NEMA 5-15).

Motor Drive - Solid-State electronic motor drive system is incorporated into board.

Alarm - It the gate hits an object twice while opening or closing, the system will shut down and alarm will sound for five minutes. After five minutes the system will automatically reset itself. To reset the system during the five minutes, a manual reset button must be used.


Chassis: Constructed with 1/4 sanded, welded, and gold zinc plated sheet metal.

Worm Gear Reduction: Two 30-to-1 worm gears equal a 900-to-1 reduction. Both are lubricated in an oil bath.

Motor: 1/2hp, instant reversing, 120VAC, 4 amp,1625 rpm, high speed ball bearings.

Cover: High density polyethylene plastic and stainless steel for excellent heat and corrosion resistance.

Finishing: All metal parts are gold zinc plated for rust proof protection.

Emergency Release: The gate is easily disconnected by turning the release handle. The best option is our DC-1000U

Cycles: 75/hr. with 600 lb. gate.

Swing Arm: Non-scissor type arm action.

Output Shaft: 2 1/2" cold rolled steel.

Capabilities: Maximum gate length 18'. Maximum gate weight 600 lbs.

Gate Traveling Speed*: 90 deg. opening in 13-15 seconds.

UL model: L20.5" x W15" x H28"
ST model- L19" x W14" x H28"

Weight: Polyethylene cover: 160 lbs. Shipping weight : 175 bs.
Stainless Steel cover: 179 lbs.
Shipping weight : 194lbs.

Approval: UL and ETL Listed to the latest UL325 and UL991 specifications. 


To operate the gate manually, rotate the operator release handle 180 deg. then push the gate open
The CSW Series use a solid steel, machined pulley and notched vgroove belt for highly efficient torque transfer from motor to gear reducer
The 112 HP, instant reversing parking gate motor uses high speed ball bearings for smooth and quiet operation
Size 70, highly efficient. extremely quiet, 30-to-1 gear reducer is used


Elite's operators are skillfully crafted in the USA. Every unit is carefully inspected both electronically and mechanically to provide the quality expected. Elite uses computer aided design to assure the most precise fit for their operator components. High quality and years of proven reliability places Elite CSW Series swing gate operators ahead of the competition.

THE OMNICONTROL BOARD The Omni board uses LEDs to indicate all input and output functions of the gate operator and plug-in loop detector technology.


The heavy-duty, super quiet Power hinges are manufactured with double ball bearings each pivoting on a 3/4", grounded and tempered, solid stainless steel shaft. They are designed for industrial applications such as high 
traffic condominiums and heavy wrought iron or aluminum gates. Power Hinges come in three models depending on your needs.
The optional safety alarm reset button will instantly reset the built-in safety alarm siren on all new OmniControl operators, allowing for normal function without waiting for the alarm status to time out.
An optional gearbox heater is available to keep the gearbox running in it's optimum temperature range.
The magnetic lock system is incorporated into all of our GSW-200 control boards, allowing you to easily add the "MG1300" magnetic locking system to the gate. The MG1300 is signed to withstand forces of up to 1300 lbs. id unlocks automatically case of a power failure.


Don't be a prisoner of your own gate. Using the DC-100 keeps traffic 
moving during a power failure.

Set up A: In case of a power failure, the gate will open automatically. 
When the power is restored, the operator will return to normal condition.

Set up B: Gate will not open automatically until activated by a key 
switch, push button, or dry contact adjustable command.


All UL model Elite SL-3000-UL TM commercial slide gate operators now use  the OmniControl board for enhanced, reliable operation conforming to the new UL-325 and UL-991 specifications. This advanced electronic control  board now offers integrated functions to make all input and outputs of the  gate operator easy to access. It offers solid state motor control, spike suppressors, safety alarm and many other unique features. The new OmniControl board assures the latest requirements and most advanced technology in the industry, keeping all requirements and most advanced class by themselves.


These high quality loop detectors are for use with the Elite Omni Board.  The electronics are manufactured exclusively for Elite by Reno A&E, a respected name in loop detection technology. With Elite's proven design and integration technology, these component detectors will make 
installation and maintenance of loop detection systems simple. They are 
available for use with the SL-3000-UL for Exit Loop and Safety Loop


The CSW-200-UL is manufactured with a precision limit switch system. This system uses high speed ball bearings and high quality components for efficiency end reliability.
The digital current sensor continuously monitors the motor current. It can be set for both the opening and closing cycles. If the gate is closing and hits a vehicle, the sensor detects the increased load on the motor and reverses. It the gate is opening and hits a vehicle, it stops and reverses 4 to 6 inches. The sensor is smart enough to operate on off-level installations and not to react to wind resistance.
This unique system allows precise, synchronized movement and communication between two gate operators using 3 wire RS-485 bi-directional technology. With the OmniControl board, Master/Slave conversion is now easier than ever.
Most swing gate operator arms will cross and produce a dangerous "scissor" action while opening the gate to a 90'opening, as shown in picture "A". We designed our CSW200 operator arms to not cross, eliminating the scissor 
action as shown in picture "B". This feature reduces the risk of injury 
from the gate operator arm.


The CSW-200-UL limit switch system uses high speed ball bearings.
The reversing sensor is standard in all CSW-200 Series gate operators.



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