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  1. TIMER TO CLOSE - Automatically closes gate
    ON -Close timer enabled OFF -Close timer disabled
  2. CURRENT SENSITIVITY OPTION - Delays current sensing from start ON - 4 second delay OFF - 2 second delay
  3. TIMER TO CLOSE OPTION ON - timer to close works only when open limit switch is activated OFF - timer to close works from any open gate position 
  4. DUAL CONTROL SLAVE OPTION ON - disables slave side of dual board OFF - enables slave side of dual board 
  5. DUAL CONTROL MASTER OPTION ON - disables master side of dual board OFF - Enables master side of dual board 
  6. MAXIMUM RUN TIMER OPTION ON - stops and reverses gate if run timer times out before closing OFF - stops gate if run timer times out before closing 
  7. MAXIMUM RUN TIMER VALUE ON - 40 seconds OFF -20 seconds 
  8. TIMER TO CLOSE VALUE ON -20 to 70 seconds (adjustable) OFF - 10 to 35 seconds (adjustable) 
  9. OPEN, STOP, CLOSE CONTROL ENABLE ON - allows for open, stop, close unit (optional) to operate gate OFF - normal operation (If 9 is on, terminals 4 & 5 must be normally closed for proper operation.)
Rotate clockwise to increase time before gate closes. Rotate counter clockwise to decrease time before gate closes. If program switch #3 is on, the gate must activate the open limit switch in order for the timer to close to operate.
Rotate clockwise to decrease sensitivity (more force). Rotate counter clockwise to increase sensitivity (less force). WARNING: The CURRENT SENSITIVITY should be adjusted to prevent injury in the event of someone being entrapped in the gate. This feature should be periodically tested to assure proper operation. Refer to SAFETY PRECAUTIONS.
Enables LEDs for installation and troubleshooting (must be depressed to observe LEDs).
There are 4 standard automotive type fuses on the 635/636 circuit board. The EMERGENCY BY-PASS plug is protected by a 15 Amp fuse. The remaining three fuses (one for each of the 12 Volt outputs) are 3 amp.


8 Pin White Connector (two on 636 Master & Slave)
1. ORANGE - Open Limit Input (Normally open unless gate is opened) 
2. WHITE -Close Limit Input (Normally open unless gate is closed)
3. BLACK - Motor -Positive during open cycle, Negative during close cycle 
4. RED - Motor - Negative during open cycle, Positive during close cycle 
5. GREEN - Ground (Limit Switch Common) 
6. Ground Not used
7. BLACK - Ground - Battery Negative
8. RED - Battery Positive (+12 VDC)
7 Pin Black Connectors
1. Edge I Input
2. Edge 2 Input
3. Ground
4. Ground
5. stop Input (N/C)
6. Close Input (N/0)
7. Open Input (N/0)
8. Ground
9. Ground
10. Free Exit Input (Open only for telephone entry, probes, etc.)
11. Ground
12. Under Gate or Shadow Loop Input
13. Ground
14. Safety Loop or Photo Beam Input

3 Pin Black Connectors (3)
GND Ground INP Input (Activates gate when momentarily connected to ground) 12V +12 Volt Output (For powering options - 3 Amps Max.)
Emergency Bypass Connector
Used when the control board is not functioning. Unplug the motor harness from the Master (or Slave) Connector and momentarily insert into the Emergency Bypass Connector to open the gate. In the event the motor is not disconnected quickly enough, the blue 15 amp fuse will protect the circuit board from damage and should be replaced when the original problem is fixed.
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