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The ISOBLOK 2-0 is designed to protect sensative electronic equipment from voltage spikes, surges, line noise and RFI/EMI I interference which frequently appear on AC power lines. The ISOBLOK features Lifetime Ultimate Insurance which protects both the ISOBLOK and connected equipment from surge damage. See Lifetime Ultimate Insurance Policy for complete information.


The ISOBLOK can only be used with a standard 3-wire, grounded outlet.


DO NOT use the ISOBLOK with an ungrounded outlet. Lack of a ground connection will eliminate common-mode protection. The ISOBLOK Can be inserted into either of the outlets of a duplex receptacle.


Use only with duplex receptacle having a center cover screw. Secure unit in place by using this screw. To reduce of electric shock, disconnect power to the receptacle before installing or removing the unit. When removing cover screw, cover screw, cover may fall across plug pins or receptacle may become dislodged.


The Green "Protected" light should be illuminated whenever the ISOBLOK is plugged into alive 120 volt AC outlet. This indicates the main spike suppression components are working. If this light does not illuminate connected equipment will still be protected against spikes and surges, but at a lesser level.


Model: ISOBLOK 2-0 Spike and Line Noise Suppressor

Rated Input Voltage: 105-135 VAC (120 VAC nominal), 5o/60 Hz.

Rated Current and Load Handling: 15 amps pet socket; 15 amps total full load (1800 watts)

AC Line Connection/AC Outlets: Direct plug-in, NEMA 5-15P; 2 NEMA 5-15R

High Voltage Spike Protection: Handles up to 18,000 amp spikes. Starts suppressing spikes at 140 volts AC RMS. 480 joules. High voltage spike suppression works between hot to neutral, hot to ground and neutral to ground; 400 volt let-through; Response time: Instantaneous

High Frequency Noise Suppression; Greater than 80 db @ 1Mhz

Dimensions (H x W x D) 4 x 2-1/2 x 2-1/2"

Weight: 8 ounces


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