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The Pulsar/Allstar receiver is available in both 12 and 24 volt models. 1.2 volt models are denoted by an LV marked in pen oil the back of the receiver and are the models we use as the standard equipment in our Apollo swing and slide gate operators.

3 -wire pulsar receivers wire as follows: RED to l2v(battery positive), WHITE to GND (battery ground), BLACK to INP (pushbutton input).

4-wire pulsar receivers are the same as above but the additional BLACK wire will also go to GND (battery ground)


Multi-Code receivers are available in both 12 and 24 volt models. 12 volt models are denoted by the model number 1099 - 40. 24 volt models are denoted by the model number 1090. The 12 volt model may also be used in. Apollo gate operators.

Multi-purpose 1090-40(12 volt) receivers wire as follows: RED to 12v(battery positive), BLACK and either GREY to GND (battery negative), and the remaining GREY to INP (pushbutton input).

Multi-Code 1090(24 volt) receivers wire as follows: TERMINAL #1 to 24 volt LIVE, TERMINAL #2 to your activation input, and TERMINAL #3 to 24v neutral.


Lift-Master receivers are switchable for both 12 and 24 volt operations. There is a jumper oil the bottom of the receiver board marked P3. This jumper should be oil the left two pins for 12 volt operation, and on the right two pins for 24 volt operation.

Lift-Master receivers wire as follows: TERMINAL 7't 1 to 12v(1 2 or 24 volt supply), TERMINAL #2 to GND(12 or 24 neutral), TERMINAL #3 to GND (ground side of input activation), and TERMINAL #4 to INP (pushbutton activation).


Linear receivers are available in 1.2 and 24 volt models. The 12 volt model is the DRA receiver, while the 24 volt model is the DRQ.

The DRA(12 volt) and DRQ(24 volt) models both wire as follows: The GOLD stranded wire to 12v(1 21/124 supply), the SILVER stranded wire to GND (ground or supply neutral), TERMINAL #2(N/O) to INP (pushbutton activation), and TERMINAL #3(COM) to GND (ground side of input activation).


At this time Genie receivers are only available in 24 volt models and are usually not used on Apollo Operators unless there is 110 volt power available for a 24 volt transformer.

Wiring for the Genie receiver is as follows: RED to 24v supply, WHITE to 24v neutral, and BLACK. to pushbutton activation (our INP terminal). When used on an Apollo operator a Jumper off the WHITE wire to our GND terminal is required.


Do not confuse the receiver code switches with the red program switches on the gate control board. Never set all code switches to the same position. Transmitters must match code switches for proper operation.  If power is taken directly from battery or connected as shown below, receiver should be configured for 12VDC.


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