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The Advantage DKLP line of keyless entry offers a wide selection of post or surface mount models and allows you to integrate with intercom. All models feature metal keypad for years of trouble free entry and a high grade, stainless steel faceplate. The surface and post mount models are housed in heavy metal powder-coated enclosures. The DKLP is Stand Alone and fully programmable from the keypad.

The Advantage DKLP series of fully programmable keypads is designed for the user who has a

LOW POWER Digital Keypad application. introduced for the solar gate operator user, the DKLP series

boasts a power consumption of under 5OuA @ 1 2VDC. N\O or N\C switch logic. Available in

1, 50 and 100 code configurations. Non-volatile memory is standard.





Power requirement: 6-14 VOC
Less than 5OuA @ 12VDC in idle model
Output: N/O or N/C contact 1 to 9 second
Alarm shunt
Operating temp: -15 to 175 Fahrenheit
Dimensions: 5.25H x 4.57W x 4.500 (i)-with intercom: 5.38H x 8.25W x 4.500 (fl-flush mount back box: 5.OOH x 4.00W x 3.250
(sg)-single gang: will mount to standard single gang box (single gang is designed for indoor use only)
(rn)-membrane: 5.25H x 4.0W x 3.00 Ship weight: 5 lb.

DC Load AC Load
-Contact Rating 1 A @ 24 V .5 A@ 120V
-Max. Switching voltage 125 V  125 V 
-Max. carrying current 2A 2A
-Max. switching power 24 W 60 VA

19-01, 19-01i
-Code program switch on circuit board
-One (1) user code
-Less than 50 uA ~ 12 VOC in idle mode
-Non-volatile memory retention

19-50, 19-100, l9-50i, 19-100i 
Master code
-Programmable codes available:
      50 or 100
-Less than 50 uA @ 12 VDC in idle mode
-Non-volatile memory retention


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