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MODEL 950/951

Wired/Wireless Keypad


MODEL No. 950Wired/951wireless unlimited features, an affordable price

Features abound in the Model 950/951 Metal Key Keypad. With over 12 user-programmable options, your applications are practically limitless.:

The durable Model 950/951 is suited to both indoor and outdoor applications thanks to its rugged, injection-molded lexan faceplate and, housing. With zinc-coated hardware, the 950/951 handles the toughest climates with ease.

When it comes to application flexibility, the 950/951 shines above the rest.. With the ability to operate in either AC or DC applications, our ultra-low

20uA current draw is -roughly half that of our competitors. It has 1000 user- programmable codes and can operate in, wireless applications without the need for an exterior antenna. The 950/951 is flexible enough to adapt to either, wall or gooseneck mounting situations.

Simply put, the Model 950/951 Metal Key Keypad is the best performing, most flexible, highest quality keypad available today. Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.

Mechanical Specifications

7.5 in. (H) x 4.75 in. (W) x 4.5 in. (D) 190.50 mm (H) x 120.65 mm (W) x 114.30 mm (D) UV-Resistant Lexan 403R Housing/Faceplate Indoor/Outdoor suitable Wall/Gooseneck mountable Zinc coated hardware Ship weight 3 lbs.

Electrical Specifications

7-24 VAC or VDC
20uA current draw

Environmental Specifications

Operating temperatures: -400 C to 850C (-40 F to 185 F)
Storage temperatures: -55, C to 1250C (-670F to 257 F)

Model 950/951 Features

Ultra low 20uA current draw (1/2 of the competition)

Non-volatile memory for code retention

Made in the U.S.A.

'Programmable four digit codes for 1000 users
Code range - '000 1' to '9991 *' *(9992-9999, 0000 are reserved for future programming and will be rejected by the keypad if used as access, latch, master, or flash codes)

Programmable Flash Code
Code is erased after use

Programmable Latch Code (wired Model 950 only)
Holds gate open/closed
20uA current draw while gate is latched

Positive/Negative Feedback
LED indicators with On/Off dipswitch
Audible beep indicator with On/Off dipswitch
Keypad activated downlight stays lit for 10 seconds with On/Off dipswitch

Timed 3-minute feature with On/Off dipswitch

Programming Modes:
Add Access Codes Erase All Codes Change Master Code
Erase Access Codes Add Latch Code Reset Master Code
Add Flash Code Set Relay 'ON' Time

Gates Garage Doors
Doors Commercial
Lights Residential
Parking Lots Office Buildings
Warehouses Hospitals

Relay Information:
.5-60 second adjustable output time
N/0 or N/C output
Contact rating: Max. switching power - 30W (resistive) / 62.5VA (resistive)
Max. switching voltage - 220VDC / 250VAC
Max. switching current - 1 Amp
Max. continuous current - 2 Amp


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